Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Enter here to win FREE SHIPPING on your order with Evelyn's lia sophia Facebook party! Just like my Facebook page and then use the form below to enter!

You can also earn additional entries in the following ways:

+3: Place an order
+5: Your order was $80 or more
+10: Agree for me to send you information about hosting your own party!
+10: Agree for me to send you information about trying the lia sophia business opportunity

The contest closes at midnight. Good luck!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Labor Day Treasure Tray Giveaway

You have the chance to win your choice of item from my Treasure Tray!

"Like" my Facebook page to enter, and then you'll unlock more opportunities to earn entries. You get 10 entries just for agreeing to receive information about hosting your own lia sophia party on Facebook. Don't miss this opportunity! Facebook parties can get your friends from across the country "together" without requiring you to serve any food or clean your house. You still earn the same amazing hostess benefits, including 20% of sales in FREE jewelry and special prices on your choice of items in the style guide. Plus, if you book a September party with me, I will give you any item of your choice from the style guide ($100 or less) for FREE! Looking forward to partying with you!

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Reasons to Buy (lia sophia) Jewelry!

Top 20 Reasons to Buy Jewelry

  1. Mother's Day gift
  2. Christmas gift
  3. Dressing up for a special occasion
  4. Birthday gift
  5. Back to school shopping
  6. Accessorizing new outfit
  7. Replacing broken piece
  8. Retail therapy
  9. Need something that goes with everything
  10. Giving new life to old outfit
  11. Have an outdated collection
  12. Bridal jewelry
  13. As a treat to yourself
  14. For a job interview
  15. To look more professional
  16. For your girls' nights out
  17. Replacing lost favorite
  18. Old jewelry's losing its luster
  19. Wearing it makes you feel good
  20. Can't pass up a sale
And even better:


Sunday, June 9, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Win $10 off your online order with lia sophia!

Ready to win some discounted jewelry? Enter this contest for $10 off when you place a lia sophia order with me by July 14!

lia sophia jewelry is beautiful, versatile, fun, and comes with a lifetime guarantee no matter what happens! Whether your kid pulls on your necklace and it breaks, you run over your ring with the car in the driveway, or you just plain decide you don't like it, we will replace the jewelry if it's still in our current collection. If it's not, we'll send you a merchandise certificate for the value of the piece.

Right now we're offering an amazing customer save plan: buy 1 item full price and get the next 2 50% off. The best party? lia sophia gives you the lowest price item at full price and takes off the higher priced items! So treat yourself to some new accessories to wear to work, find the perfect piece for your summer weddings, or stock up on gifts for holidays, birthdays, and graduations!

You can place an order directly through me or host your own party (home or catalog) and get a bunch of free and discounted jewelry! Enter below and let me know if you have any questions!

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Save BIG with these Earrings Under $30

lia sophia is currently running an extra special customer save plan: Buy 1 Get 2 50% off. And the best part of that deal is the 50% comes off the highest priced items! We lia sophia Advisors are always trying to help you get the most bling for your buck. So with that in mind, here are some of my personal favorite earrings that you can get for under $30. Use one of these as your full price item and get any additional two items for 50% off - whatever you want, no matter the price! If you buy two of these at full price, you get four 50% off!

Comment or email me if you'd like the full Under 30 list or if you'd like to place an order!

And browse our full Spring/Summer collection at liasophia.com/jenniewilliams!

Belcanto: $28

Belle Isle: $26

Birthday Party: $19

Caged In $22

Demure: $24

Smolder: $22

Friday, May 31, 2013

10 Signs You Need to Host a lia sophia Party

So you have a free night or two coming up. You have some girlfriends who like jewelry. And you know about all the perks of hosting a lia sophia party:
  • 20% of all sales in FREE jewelry
  • Up to 4 items at hostess bonus price ($15 unless otherwise marked in the catalog)
  • Up to 5 items at 50% off
Maybe it's time you took the plunge! It hardly takes any work on your part. You just invite the guests, collect outside orders, and deliver the merchandise once it arrives at your doorstep. Everything else is up to me, the Advisor.

So here are 10 signs you need to host a lia sophia party:
  1. You have half the catalog on your wish list. If you want it all, you might as well pay (next to) nothing for it!
  2. Your girlfriends are constantly remarking how amazing your jewelry is. If you're setting the trend, I'll bet you'd have no trouble recruiting guests for your party. Plus, you can help me out with my fashion consulting.
  3. You've been looking for a way to get a diverse group of friends together. It can be awkward to do without a theme and purpose. When all your friends have something in common to do - shop - it's a lot easier to keep the conversation flowing.
  4. You have a bunch of holidays and birthdays coming up. Take care of your shopping on lia sohpia! Between your free items, hostess bonus items, and half-price discount, you will get a lot more mileage out of your holiday budget.
  5. You've already been to a bunch of lia sophia parties as a guest. Now it's time for you to benefit from your social circle's jewelry addiction!
  6. Your jewelry collection is outdated but your bank account is empty. You don't have to spend a dime to host a party. We can do a catalog party or host the event in a restaurant and guests can pick up their own tab.
  7. You haven't had a "girls night" since you were in college. Once you get out of the "girls night" groove, it can be hard to jump back in. Hosting a lia sophia party gives you the content of the night - you just supply the company!
  8. You're a super good baker, chef, or mixologist. What better excuse to show off your skills?
  9. You get a little jealous every time one of your friends hosts a party and gets free stuff. No need to be jealous when you can easily do the same thing!
  10. You think you could maybe be a lia sophia Advisor one day. First of all, you can! Second of all, hosting a party gets your foot in the door. You can watch the Advisor and see whether you can picture yourself doing what she's doing. If the night goes well, you can turn your party into your "starter party," and you'll be well on your way to success!
Let me know when you're ready!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why I Became a lia sophia Advisor

This is my first post in a new blog I'm very excited to call Jennie's lia sophia Connection. I'm now officially an Advisor with lia sophia fashion jewelry! This is something that I never imagined would happen, let alone that I'd be so ecstatic about. Here's how we came to this place.

I learned about lia sophia many Christmases ago when I was given my very first piece of lia sophia jewelry - a gorgeous, playful, colorful, now-retired necklace called "Kaleidoscope." I still wear this necklace all the time (and get compliments on it), rocking its Jelly Belly color scheme and matching it with all my melon and teal colored outfits. I remember when I was given the necklace being told it had a Lifetime Guarantee, which I thought was pretty special.

Throughout the years, I was invited to two lia sophia parties. I always loved the styles but felt like I didn't have the cash to buy anything and avoided making any purchases. Yet as the burden of being a full-time working mom outside the home began to weigh on me and the idea of going into direct sales and working for myself began to grow on me, I felt the company I should explore was lia sophia. I kept having those strange spiritual whisperings that would occur to me at the most random times, encouraging me to investigate what it takes to go into business as a lia sophia advisor.

And so, I re-connected with a hostess from one of the parties I'd attended about two years ago, while pregnant with my now 18-month-old daughter. I'd listened to the presentation she'd made. She must have planted a slow-growing seed. (And, as a side note, this is why I'll never be bummed if someone decides not to make a purchase at one of my parties - you never know what will come of the experience later!) This woman, now a Division Leader when she was only starting out at the party I attended, eagerly made plans to meet with me and share her enthusiasm for this company that had saved her family from financial crisis. I took her words and her information and pondered it as I continued to research other companies.

In the end, all roads led back to lia. I signed on with a team that already feels like family, and now I'm beginning an adventure that I feel confident will change my life. I'm putting to use my skills in marketing and PR, being given the opportunity to be paid in order to have fun, and finally earning for FREE all the amazing jewelry I'd only wished I could afford at the parties I attended. Kaleidoscope will no longer be lonely (or at least I won't need to wear a snake to keep it company!).

I plan to use this blog to document everything I learn as I go about fashion and business, provide tips for hostesses to throw unforgettable lia sophia parties, and offer chances to win some prizes. I hope you'll join me for the ride!